Mick Jenkins Delivers New 7-Track Mixtape ‘or more; the anxious’


Mick Jenkins has showed time and time again he’s one of the most promising rappers coming out of the Chicago scene right now. Today we’re happy to share his new 7-track mixtape or more; the anxious.

"As creatives we live in a world of time constraints imposed by illusive industry standards, anxious demands of appreciators, or even our own self reflections." – Mick Jenkins

The project is the first in a new series of releases leading up to his upcoming studio album. Jenkins is someone who always seems to keep us on our toes with his different sounds and take a more eerie route on these new ones giving his rapping a bit of a harder edge than some of his more soulful tracks. Stream the full project below and stay tuned for more. Enjoy!

Mick Jenkins – or more; the anxious