Massive Renaissance-Themed Middlelands Festival To Possibly Return In 2021


In 2017 we saw the inception of a truly one-of-a-kind festival – Middlelands. As the medieval-themed festival toted three days of music from some of our favorite artists across renaissance festival-themed grounds, today we’ve received word that the fest may be coming back in 2021!

Coming directly from the mouth (well…fingers) of Insomniac Events founder and creator Pasquale Rotella, Middlelands may be making a comeback in just over a year. As Rotella took to Instagram yesterday to thank his followers for supporting Beyond Wonderland, one comment in particular went viral in the festival community.

Middlelands Teaser

Considering the festival was cut short by decision of Texas Renaissance Festival officials to discontinue hosting the event after year-one, this would mean a big comeback in possibly a new location for Middlelands. Of course, this comment on his post isn’t a full confirmation of Middlelands 2021, but as it comes from the man behind the magic himself, we’re going to hold out hope that a full announcement will be coming in the near future.

Big shout out to Allison for sparking this whole thing! Internet sleuths can check out his full Insta post here and enjoy!