Mija Drops Haunting New Single “Bad For U” feat. Kelli Schaefer & Announces Debut EP + Video


Fans of Mija should always expect the unexpected. This innovative producer, DJ, and fashion designer has made a habit of defying trends by putting out whatever music, shows, or clothes speak to her. Now she's shared an incredible new song and announced her debut EP.

Bad For U” is the first track off of Mija’s upcoming EP How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers and its intriguingly dark aesthetic is the result of a collaborative effort with Kelli Schaefer that Mija outlines in an Instagram post announcing the track:

"a few months ago, i was connected with @kelli_schaefer on the internet. i fell in love with her voice and especially felt a deep, personal connection with one of her songs, Bad For You. i asked her if i could re-produce the song, just for fun…and what came of it was something peculiar, yet beautiful. i became immersed in this pairing of worlds (kelli being from indie-rock, while i reside in a 24/7 rave), and we decided to re-release the record as the lead single of my EP" – Mija

Mija’s haunting production is the perfect stage for Kelli’s hypnotizing vocals that bob and flow with the energy of the song. The interplay between the two becomes mesmerizing in the second verse when powerful synths quickly crescendo and disappear while Kelli’s voice climbs higher and higher only to break into a digital melody that uses her own vocal chops as an instrument.

With the full EP  How To Measure the Distance Between Lovers coming soon, we’re looking forward to it to hear what the genre-blending artist has in store for us. Enjoy!

Mija – Bad For U (Ft. Kelli Shaefer)