Mija Expertly Blends Diverse Sounds On New Hour Long Mix “MIXTAPE_01”


If there were any lingering doubts about Mija’s versatility as a producer, DJ, or creative force, the last few weeks have definitively put them to rest. Just a few days ago she released her seven-track debut EP titled HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVERS and it was an innovative departure from anything we’d heard from her before. Longtime followers of Mija may associate her sound with upbeat, fast paced electronic tracks such as “Better” with Vindata, but Mija’s newest project represented a toned-down focus on blending organic and synthetic sounds in impressive new ways.

Fans of Mija’s new direction can further explore this soundscape on her new hourlong mix titled MIXTAPE_01. One glance at the track list will speak to the mix’s impressive sonic diversity that Mija excels at seamlessly blending into one cohesive vibe. Not unexpectedly, genres are completely disregarded and a wide range of artists including Tycho, Bjork, Tennyson, Camelphat, and Virtual Riot make the cut. The mix is peppered with tracks from Mija’s debut EP, including a captivating introduction using “5AM in Paris”, a beautiful vocal debut with “Notice Me”, and a haunting finish incorporating “Bad For U” Ft. Kelli Schaefer.

We’re hoping that the “_01” at the end of the mix title means there’s more to come. You can catch Mija right now on her Never Be Alone tour, and check out MIXTAPE_01 below. Enjoy

Mija – MIXTAPE_01