Mike Mroz Makes His TSIS Debut with Emotive Single “sound of rain”


New York-based producer, Mike Mroz, began his musical journey at a very young age, picking up his first guitar after watching his Uncle perform at family gatherings. Not much later, the multi-instrumentalist would discover the magic of FL Studio, leading him down the path we now find him pursuing. The rising artist’s newest creation, “sound of rain,” is here.

Mike Mroz fuses his roots in live instrumentation with his love for electronic beats on “sound of rain.” Floaty vocals guide us through an intimate first verse, catapulting into a pop-twinged chorus. Mroz flexes his talent for crafting addictive vocal hooks, giving every section its own unique, melodic interest, while modern synth leads bring the track into electronic territory.

Mike shared some insight into his writing process, commenting:

I wrote sound of rain while biking one day, and was reminiscing on old early 2000s electronic music I used to listen to. The lyrics are intentionally very simple and the whole vibe is about connecting back to your true self, whether in a relationship or just in life, and not letting fear create more obstacles and illusions in front of you. 

You can stream “sound of rain” at the link below. Enjoy!

Mike Mroz – sound of rain