Mike Posner 3 Song Special: Real Sick Hip-Hop


Today I've go a real sick post and it's 3 songs from Mike Posner who's out of Southfield Michigan, who I featured earlier last week, and today I've got some songs from his older Mixtape A Matter of Time. Some of you may have heard these, but everyone needs to as there all pretty sick. Well this first one is a unique sick hip-hop song with awesome an awesome beat.

Mike Posner – Drug Dealer Girlfriend


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next up is a song that must be played in a car, haha. Well it bumps the bass real nice and has a sick beat throughout the whole song, don't get turned off by the vocals as I know some won't like it. It's all in all a real sick anthem like song. Listen all the way through and enjoy!

Mike Posner ft. Big Sean and Donnis – Smoke and Drive


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next up we've got the original to the remix I posted before, "Cooler Than Me". I like this one it's very  chill and sick, not for everyone, enjoy!

Mike Posner ft. Big Sean – Cooler Than Me (Stream Only)