Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (Dj Benzi Remix): Real Sick Club BANGER Remix

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Here's a remix that doesn't sound like most of the remixes I've posted on the site. It's got a more consistant house feel then the heavy bass dropping electro/dubstep BANGERS I tend to post. It's a remix of the chill single from Mike Posner, 'Please Don't Go' done by DJ Benzi, Gianni Marino, and DStar. This remix is really sick and it's sure to get a club bumping, or make that house party RAGE. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Please Dont Go (Dj Benzi x Hianni Marino x DStar Remix) – Mike Posner | Download

Please Don't Go (Benzi x Gianni Marino x DStar Remix)

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