Mild Minds Concludes a Chapter with Dynamic New Electronica EP ‘IT WON’T DO’

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One of our favorite Foreign Family Collective artists Mild Minds is back with new music. His new EP IT WON’T DO includes an eponymous new track as well as the rest of his recent releases.

“IT WON’T DO” is a bright opening song featuring a fun, bouncy house beat. Injected with glimmering, hopeful synth pulses, Mild Minds hits us with a welcome blast of positive energy. The rest of the EP includes some older tunes, including “Haunted,” “No Skin” and “Machine.” Revisiting these tunes now adds a nostalgic vibe to the album, as we’ve seen Mild Minds continue to develop and grow his sound over the last year.

IT WON’T DO is apparently meant as a culmination of his 2022 releases and older music. His next releases will usher in a new era of music. While we have no details on what this new sound will entail, given the quality of his previous releases, we trust that it will be stellar. Until then, you can check out his new EP below, enjoy!

Mild Minds – IT WON’T DO EP