[PREMIERE] Listen To Newcomer Miles Hardt’s Emotional Debut Single “Long Ago”

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Today we have the pleasure of premiering a track from LA-based artist Miles Hardt as his TSIS debut. When his six-year relationship fell apart, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter was brought face to face with an emotional crisis. Battling deep depression and feeling his two years of sobriety begin to slip away, he decided to use the songwriting process as a form of medicine, pouring everything he had into his music. Now, with a debut album on the way, he’s shared his first single, “Long Ago”.

Starting off with a soft ukulele melody, Hardt’s soulful vocals and some acoustic percussion slowly progress the song into an energetic chorus filled with warm synths, vocal chops and a pumping kick drum. From heavily-emotional verses to lush electronic/acoustic production, it’s apparent that Hardt channeled all of his emotions into this track.   

“Long Ago is a song I had been writing for years.  I would sing to my (then) girlfriend, ‘If I wake up, and this is just a dream, I will close my eyes and go back to sleep.’ After a few months of us being apart and not being able to speak, I had finished the rest of the song and left a message in the bridge that I knew only she would understand. I wanted the song to truly be a reminder that it wasn't that long ago we were in moments like that, and that I wasn't giving up just yet.” -Miles Hardt

Check out Miles Hardt’s passionate debut single “Long Ago” below and keep an eye out for his upcoming debut album, Medicinal. Enjoy!

Miles Hardt – Long Ago