Mindchatter Continues To Break The Mold With Hypnotic Single “Days Go Slow”


Mindchatter has quickly become a standout on TSIS with his unique style and stirring productions. The New York based artist’s newest single “Days Go Slow” is yet another distinctive and moving track, dripping with emotion and rich sounds.

The track takes on a gloomy tone, moved along by a downtempo breakbeat and somber synths. We love the emotion imbued in this track through the introspective and wistful vocals, complemented by delicate, calming horns. The track is uplifted on the chorus, dropping into a groovy marimba melody. All in all, we’re impressed (as usual) by Mindchatter’s creativity and the beautiful sounds and instruments he incorporates in each of his one-of-a-kind songs.

Mindchatter has been steadily releasing one-of-a-kind tracks throughout 2019 and 2020, and we cannot seem to find one that we aren’t in love with. His debut album will arrive next month. Check out his latest single below. Enjoy!

Mindchatter – Days Go Slow