Mindchatter Delivers Another Spine-Tingling New Groove, “Language”

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Mindchatter is one of our favorite new budding artists. He’s been releasing single after single that display a sounds unlike anything else right now. He brings together electronic, hip-hop, and indie elements in a way that makes genres feel like a thing of the past. Today he unveils his seventh single, “Language,” and it’s our favorite release of his yet.

Mindchatter lays the foundation for “Language” with a heavy four-to-the-floor rhythm with a little stutter-step to keep the listener on their toes. A bubbling synth takes the lead, while his own hazy vocals are drizzled on top. While this one doesn’t feel like your normal dance tune, he still finds a way to build up tension in the track and drop it into an irresistible groove. The end result is another genre-defying bop from Mindchatter.

“Language” is the second single from Mindchatter’s forthcoming debut album.

Check out the brand new tune “Language” below and enjoy!

Mindchatter – Language