Hudson Mohawke, Ekali, SLUMBERJACK & More Just Played An Epic Two-Day Festival Inside Minecraft

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In the days of ASMR audio, 360° video and virtual reality technology, we have the opportunity to experience nearly anything from the comfort and safety of our home. With experiences like safari’s, amusement parks and even concerts available on demand, a group of producers have taken the idea of log-in attendance to a whole new level by throwing an entire music festival in Minecraft.

With festival organizer Max Schramp (aka SLEEPYCATT) having thrown a similar event, Coalchella, towards the end of 2018, while Fire Festival isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed a Minecraft fest, it’s definitely the biggest. With “performances” from Ekali, Shawn Wasabi, Vincent, Y2K, SLUMBERJACK, Luca Lush, Ryan Hemsworth, Vincent & more – including a Hudson Mohawke x Lil Hank b2b, the two-day, free, fully online festival was truly something special. While it’s unsure if the fest will be a recurring event, for the time being you can stream sets from VALENTINE, Anamanaguchi, Going Quantum & more below. Enjoy!

Fire Festival Recap