Minnesota Delivers Bass-Heavy, Experimental New 5-Track ’Curio’ EP


For over seven years, Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota has been solidifying himself as an absolute powerhouse bass-music producer. Having continued to grow and evolve his sound throughout five EP’s and numerous standalone singles, today the Berkeley-based producer has released his brand new, full length Curio EP.

Characterized in its entirety by deep, distorted bass, snappy percussion, lush synth sweeps and highly detailed sound design, this latest offering is sounding like some of Minnesota’s most cohesive and cinematic work to date. Starting off slow with some lighthearted bells and an obscure vocal sample explaining the death of a star, Minnesota sets the tone for the EP via the juxtaposition of powerful bass drops, slow melodic transitions and vibrant, percussive breaks on the EP’s intro track “Edge”. 

Throughout the following four tracks, listeners are taken on a sonic journey through space and time with the never before heard, drum-centric single “Technique” as well as the return of previously released single “Dark Crystal” and a DnB VIP version of “HiLow”. Although Minnesota’s unique sound has come quite a long way from its original characteristics, his current hard-hitting production style has already solidified him performances at numerous upcoming spring and summer festivals. Check out Minnesota’s Curio EP below and enjoy!

Minnesotra – Curio