Misc.Inc Dazzles on Playful Lofi Single “Before We Met”


For today’s selection of uplifting electronica, we are bringing you a feel-good tune from Germany’s Misc.Inc. The lo-fi/downtempo producer boasts over 800,000 monthly listens on Spotify, touching the souls of many with the shimmering sounds that he crafts to “create stories and feelings”. His latest offering is the single “Before We Met”, which came out on Monday and is an alluring auditory tale of how life is enriched by love. 

He had this to say about creating the song:

‘Before We Met’ describes the state of emotions you feel, when you look back at thetime before you met that one person in your life and realizing how much morefulfillment, bliss and hope your existence has now.

Just under two and a half minutes, this track is a short little nugget that is packed with vibrancy. Misc.Inc supplies buoyant percussion and cheerful chords, slowly incorporating the elements to culminate in an all-encompassing sound. With powerful percussion, reminiscent of a heartbeat when your body is bursting with serotonin, it embodies the warm fuzzy feeling that only love can give you. He certainly has fulfilled his mission and made a melodic masterpiece in the process. 

You can listen to the track below. Enjoy!

Misc.Inc – Before We Met