Misticeti Returns to Loci Records with Downtempo Single “Paradox”

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Emancipator’s Loci Records consistently releases some of the most euphoric downtempo in the electronic scene. So, when we saw they had signed Misticeti after his immaculate release on the label’s recent compilation, we knew we had to take a listen. Misticeti’s new single, “Paradox,” is everything we could want from a Loci Records release and more.

It is clear that Misticeti has an innate melodic intuition, creating quite dynamic chord progressions and captivating melodic undertones. A deep kick grounds the track, Misticeti using vibrant vocal chops as his main hook, in addition to soft synth arpeggios. For a track with no words, it evokes a diverse range of emotions from joy, to sadness, to excitement.

Misticeti commented on the track, sharing:

This one is a bit darker than previous stuff, yet still groovy and dance floor friendly. I also sampled a bit of traditional Latin American vocals. Hope you enjoy this tune during the weekend.

You can stream “Paradox” at the link below, out everywhere via Loci Records. Enjoy!

Misticeti – Paradox