Mk.gee Delivers Eclectic, Experimental New Mixtape ‘A Museum Of Contradiction’

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When it comes to innovative indie music, LA-based artist Mk.gee is in a lane of his own. With a laundry list of incredible, experimental releases already under his belt, today the singer/songwriter/producer has delivered a fresh new mixtape A Museum Of Contradiction.

As usual, this latest from Mk.gee completely defies any genre boxes we could even hope to place it in. With inspiration seemingly from all over, Mk.gee layers a plethera of live & electronic instrumentation in with his own passionate vocals throughout the entirety of this nine-track sonic journey.

Whether you’re a strict hip-hop, electronic or indie-head, you’re sure to find something you like on this new mixtape. Stream A Museum Of Contradiction below and enjoy!

Mk.gee – A Museum Of Contradiction