Moaklee Showcases Talent for Lo-Fi Production on Pleasant New Album ‘Sunny Days’


Coming at us from Germany, Moaklee is here to soothe our soul with his smooth lo-fi album Sunny Days.

Despite growing up in Germany in the 90s, Moaklee is decidedly not a techno fan. His music intentionally veers to the other end of the electronic spectrum. Light and melodic, his music embraces the joy often found in 60s and 70s soul. After experimenting in multiple genres over the last decade, including hip hop and future bass, Moaklee has found his place in experimental lo-fi. These influences shine through on the samples he weaves gently through the album.

Take Me Somewhere” is exactly the kind of music you’d expect to find in a coffee shop on a rainy day, but later in the album, “Wait For Me” leans into R&B samples to create a more introspective vibe. Each track is unified by the nature samples, soft keys, and understated drums that bring the album’s sound together. As Moaklee himself puts it, his production is “never ordinary, but always relaxing.”

You can check out the entire Sunny Days album using the link below. For best listening experience, we recommend a cup of coffee and a comfy arm chair. Enjoy!

Moaklee – Sunny Days