Model Man Previews New Album with Bubbly Single “Thru U” Ft. Bklava

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British producer Model Man has a new album on the horizon titled I Feel You Feel dropping in September, and in anticipation for that album has released a brand-new single “Thru U”. This track features vocals for the astounding Bklava as well.

This euphoric song starts with those dreamy Bklava vocals and transcends into a boppy uplifting tune that is the perfect punctuation to the waning summer weeks. This song is all about spreading love, which is a theme that pulsates throughout from the lyrics to the overall production.

Model Man’s album I Feel You Feel is a tip of the cap to his hometown’s underground dance scene from the 90s that influenced him. You can stream “Thru U’ below. Enjoy!

Model Man – Thru U (Ft. Bklava)

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo