[PREMIERE] 5-Piece Electronic Band Moglebaum Delivers Sax-Filled Single “Phone”: Indie Electronic

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In October, we introduced the 5-piece organic electronic band Moglebaum to the site with their recent single “Slow Love”. Now today, we’re excited to premiere Moglebaum’s latest release “Phone”.

Moglebaum is a band spearheaded by German artist Moglii, who is also making waves with his solo project. Moglii’s forward thinking production style is heard within Moglebaum, as the five members seamlessly blend acoustic instruments amongst electronic composition. 

Their latest, “Phone,” earns the listener's attention immediately with a saxophone, a synth and a vocal chop. The track quickly gains momentum with hand claps and deep drums which are eventually complemented by the song’s seductive vocal melody. “Phone” eventually climaxes with profound percussion, an evolved sax melody and a shimmering synth. Moglebaum set high expectations with “Slow Love”, and delivered an equally impressive follow up track… Enjoy!

Moglebaum – Phone