[PREMIERE] 5-Piece Organic-Electronic Band Moglebaum Impresses On Soulful Single “Slow Love”


An exciting rising artist we’ve been keeping our eyes on lately is Moglii, who’s been releasing via Majestic Casual and has landed tracks on our “Weekly Chill” playlists on Soundcloud. The rising artist also is part of a band called Moglebaum who we have the pleasure of introducing to the site through the premiere of “Slow Love.” 

Over the past year Moglebaum has been on a hiatus until their recent track “Echo Of Time” and now “Slow Love” serving as the second single off a forthcoming EP. The 5-piece German band has a unique sound blending electronic production with live elements. The extra smooth and relaxing sound design paints a landscape with background bird chirps and lush textures adding a level of depth that hit just right paired with the alluring female vocals and expert vocal chops. Moglebaum's melodies on this new track will be stuck in your head after hearing this extra soulful tune that stand in it’s own lane. Enjoy!

Moglebaum – Slow Love