Moise Serves Up New Soulful, R&B-Laced EP ‘WE SURVIVED THE STORM, VOL. 1’


Moise—the Minneapolis native and son of two Rwandan immigrants—has a lot to discuss on his new EP WE SURVIVED THE STORM, VOL. 1. Pull up a seat, as this rising artist’s storytelling abilities guide us through a seven-track escapade.

Backed by soulful guitar licks, perfectly dragging beats, and sultry synths, Moise truly shines on this new EP. Beginning with “Cell Phone Receiver,” a combination of rock and R&B influence, Moise’s voice delicately soars over the instrumentation, coaxing the listener to sing along. Midway through the EP, “Burn You Out” gives us a taste of the artist’s funky side. This bass-led track showcases Moise’s flawless falsetto range, complemented by immaculate melodies to match. Closing out the EP is “1st,” a collaboration with Duffle Bag Duru that offers both high-energy rap vocals, and deeply emotional themes.

In its entirety, WE SURVIVED THE STORM, VOL. 1 is a beautiful showcase of the range of emotions and inspirations that Moise is able to pull from in his songwriting. This, the first of a two-part release from the artist, leaves us craving another serving of R&B goodness.

You can listen to WE SURVIVED THE STORM, VOL. 1 at the link below, out everywhere via Unity Records. Enjoy!