Molly Otto Continues To Shine with Her Double-Single “Back and Forth / My Mind”


22-year old artist and producer, Molly Otto, already has some serious experience under her belt, including touring with deadmau5 and other mau5trap artists, and even releasing a track on one of San Holo’s bitbird compilation albums. Her latest double-single release, “Back and Forth / My Mind,” is another growth step for the talented young musician.  

There is quite the contrast between the double-singles. The first track, “Back and Forth,” is super dreamy and is a cozy feel-good song. The second track “My Mind,” is bouncy and boppy, with pitch-perfect vocals and a pure dance vibe. 

Molly Otto commented on the double single, sharing:

These tracks both hold a special place in my heart. ‘My Mind’ was created almost a year ago, and was inspired by my indie-pop influences, leaning more into creating vocal hooks and funky rhythms. ‘Back and Forth’ is a track unlike anything I’ve ever produced, and definitely the most difficult track I’ve ever mixed. My goal for it was to let go of any genre labels, and avoid confining myself to specific rules. The result is some sort of combination of indie, pop, and electronic.

You can stream “Back and Forth / My Mind” at the link below. Enjoy!

Molly Otto – Back and Forth / My Mind

– Written By: Derek Lavezzo