PREMIERE | Monsieur Frazier Delivers a Minimal House Clinic with “More Vivid Than Life” 

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Starting as a hip-hop producer and now big in the LA club scene, Monsieur Frazier is well on his way to climbing the ladder of notable musicians. His next major leap in the electronic sphere is releasing his self-titled debut EP tomorrow and letting the world devour his delicious palette of rhythms. “More Vivid Than Life” is the first track on the list, and we’re pleased to be able to premiere it for y’all today.

This song has an organic techno feel, with a tribal tempo and a vast, diversified soundscape that is still deeply rooted in dance. Frazier lures you in by forming a funky beat that feels earthy yet otherworldly at the same time. As he turns up the notch on the synths in the midsection of the single, atmospheres collide and culminate in an ensnaring experimental harmony. 

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Monsieur Frazier – More Vivid Than Life