Moods Brings Serious Soul on New Album ‘Music Ruined My Life’

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After showing you two singles off the new Moods album, we are pleased to present the rest of the LP. The producer from the Netherlands released the eight-track Music Ruined My Life over the weekend, which was a fully live recording done with a jazz ensemble. The new songs holistically round out his catalog and show off his broad range of sounds.

Aptly so, Moods sends listeners on a multi-genre journey where each song captures a different mood. You can feel the serenity in the beginning tracks “Deeper Waters” and “Let It Slide”, a little bit of spontaneity on the riff-filled “The Necessary Change” and the punchy “Ecstacy.” He also makes sure to finish off on a regal note with “Return To 4ever.” His impeccable ability to lend each instrument the spotlight so it can be appreciated fully makes this extra special. 

Moods touched on that briefly…

I enjoy working with vocals, and I think the vocalists I have worked with on projects so far have been amazing. But when you take that element out and focus more on the instrumentation and arrangement, it’s a really different experience, and that’s something I really enjoyed for Music Ruined My Life.

You can play the full album below, and watch a mini-documentary about the making of the album here. Enjoy!

Moods- Music Ruined My Life