Moods Claims That “Music Saved My Life” in Jazzy, Impassioned Track


Last month, we introduced you to Netherlands producer Moods, whose music is a very suave mix of soul, instrumental hip-hop, and jazz. Now we have another single off his October album Music Ruined My Life, aptly titledMusic Saved My Life”. Released over the weekend on Boogie Angst, he calls it a “love letter to music”.

The track takes off right away with a thumping rhythm and the guitar gliding over the beat. Then the full band is introduced, with the instruments sliding in to compose a full-bodied, fancy tune. It’s pure jazzy bliss, a smooth blend of ebbing and flowing sounds with a brass section that is absolutely on point. Between this and his last single “Talk About It”, Moods is stunning us with his masterful production skills.

You can listen to this groove below. Enjoy!

Moods – Music Saved My Life