Moore Kismet Dives Deep Into ‘UNIVERSE’ of Divine Inspiration on Debut LP

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A project 17 years in the making and the culmination of devotion, passion, and determination for their craft, Moore Kismet‘s debut LP, UNIVERSE, is finally here. The non-binary, pansexual producer defies stereotypes of the quintessential electronic act, paving their own way through groundbreaking sound design and fearless ambition.

Kismet’s UNIVERSE is comprised of a collection of bold collaborations sprinkled with four solo productions, two of which begin and end the LP with Kismet’s signature style. This album is a true exploration of electronic inspiration. Kismet dives into a variety of genres, ranging from trap to drum and bass, all of which are flawlessly executed at the highest of quality.

Standout track “Quest” is an upbeat escapade of bouncy melodies and production, showcasing a brighter side to the deeply emotional album, while hip-hop inspired “Ultraviolet” leads with its vulnerable lyrical themes and trap drops. There is truly something for everyone on this 17-track adventure through self-discovery and bolstering beats.

Here’s what Kismet had to say about their debut LP:

‘UNIVERSE’ is a musical culmination of my life experiences, growth as a human being, and artist over the past 17 years of my life. It’s an album about acceptance, love, chaos, unity, and figuring out your life while trying to live it.

You can listen to Moore Kismet’s debut LP, UNIVERSE, at the link below, out everywhere via Thrive Music. Enjoy!

Moore Kismet – UNIVERSE