Morgan Madison Unveils New Euphoric Progressive House Tune “Far From Home”

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deadma5’s record label, mau5trap, has an impressive roster of mainstays. One of those artists is Morgin Madison, who recently returned to the label to release a new single titled “Far From Home,” featuring Gregg Sgar.

When it comes to progressive music, few have a better ear than the mau5. That’s why we weren’t surprised by the combination of vibrant, euphoric synths and Gregg Sgar’s captivating vocals. Together they make an epic combo, and it’s something you need to hear.

Speaking on the fresh release, Morgin had this to say, implying there could be an album on the way:

I’ve always wanted to make a song with a huge and triumphant feel to it, so once Gregg Sgar sent me the first vocal demo, I knew this song would become something special. I knew it had to be one of the highlights of my next big project, and I think Gregg and I both view it as some of our best work.

You can check out the new Morgion Madison track below. Enjoy!

Morgin Madison – Far From Home (with Gregg Sgar)