Morgin Madison Releases Dynamic ‘Living The Phantasm (The Remixes)’ via mau5trap

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mau5trap’s Boise representative, Morgin Madison, has been on our radar for some time now with his fresh style of progressive house. He released his debut album back in April and is already back with Living The Phantasm (The Remixes) which features five dynamic reimaginings from fellow mau5trap members.

The remix album kicks off with Morgin providing a stripped-down version of his original club-laced “Feels Like.” Sonically fusing arpeggiated piano chords with entrancing lyrical musings, Madison showcases his innate dexterity as an artist with this mix. Low Poly adds some signature glitchy synths to “Free DLC,” while RIBB[]N evokes certain emotion through textured soundscapes on his take on “Start Again.” Speaker Honey melds smooth techno and electro sounds to elevate “Initialize the Phantasm,” KEETZ offers a dynamic new take on “I Hate Portals,” and ASHE puts an experimental, drum-driven spin on “Reflect.”

Stream Living The Phantasm (The Remixes) below and enjoy!

Morgin Madison – Living The Phantasm (The Remixes)