Check Out Morgin Madison’s Latest Progressive House Stunner “Step By Step”

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We’ve been thoroughly impressed by the releases of Boise native, lobbyist-gone-musician, Morgin Madison, and his fresh style of progressive house. It’s deep, melodic, and downright pretty. His new song “Step By Step” is yet another stunner that is sure to leave listeners in a trance.

Like most of his other tracks, “Step By Step” is polished from top to bottom and features dynamic sound design and a clean mix. Vibrant synths and a thudding kick drum take listeners away on an atmospheric ride as Morgin expertly layers and fades in gorgeous synth sounds and vocal chops. Morgin’s attention to detail and unique song structure results in tracks brimming with dazzling energy.

Check this track out in the stream below, it was released on Colorize‘s Colorscapes Vol. 2 Sampler. Enjoy!

Morgin Madison – Step By Step