[PREMIERE] MORTEN Drops Future Bass Single “Keep Me From You” Feat. Oda

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It’s been a little over three years since powerhouse producer MORTEN made his TSIS debut with “Perfect Dive,” a tech house original that displayed his versatility when it comes to producing. Since then the Los Angeles-based artist has spent years honing his sound, releasing tracks spanning genres all over the map and excelling with each one. Today we’re happy to be premiering MORTEN’s latest, “Keep Me From You” feat. Oda, an impressive dip into the future bass world. We had the pleasure of speaking with MORTEN as well, see our interview below!

“Keep Me From You” pulls you from the first note with a light but gripping production coupled with Oda’s powerful voice. Joined by a subtle percussion, the instrumental elements build in harmony with the vocals, feeding off of each other as the track breaks into a vivid future bass drop. The track proves once again that MORTEN excels in sounds of all kinds. Stream “Keep Me From You” below and enjoy!

MORTEN – Keep Me From You (Ft. Oda) 

What is the story and meaning behind this new song?

The beat in this track is about a year and a half years old. It took time to make sure the melody had the right vibe as I figured out how I wanted to expose my softer sound. The meaning behind ‘Keep Me From You’ is about being grateful for having a certain someone you can rely on, even in the most difficult situations. The lyrics help relay that there’s a magnetic connection between people, being drawn together in a way that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

We hear this song had a number of different vocals before you ended with the final version. What was the process behind creating this song? 

To get a great track, there’s always a process. I hit up people on twitter, Youtube, Instagram; wherever I could reach them to try to get a topline from them. I had an idea of what I was searching for so when I had to go through 15 toplines and found this one, I knew it was the one, no matter how great the rest were too. This one was just… magical. When I heard Oda’s voice, the first verse had me hooked and I knew that we found something special.

What does it mean to you being the biggest DJ from Denmark?

Denmark is my home country. Its where I have my roots. I love my fans there and means a great deal to me, but so does the rest of the world and specifically The US where I live now. LA is also home. 

How is this different from past releases?

This track has a different sound, completely different production that I usually do. I think it was a very healthy process for me since I didn’t have a label telling me what works best and altering my production. This track was all me and now I know it’s either this or nothing. I found a home for where I believe the music I make should be and that’s the biggest difference if you ask me. 

Any specific influences affecting you on this release?

I know this may sound a bit weird but I am super inspired by middle eastern music – Arabic and Persian in particular. I’m looking for ways to make it fit into my world and you will hear that on my other releases as well. I really love their music and especially their melodies – wow.

What can fans look forward to next?

They can look forward to the best of me. There will be a lot of club records every months and more tracks of the softer side of me as well. Other than that it’s plenty of studio time and a lot of collaboration sessions that I am looking forward to. I am also really excited to be playing Tomorrowland this year as well as the MainStage of Distortion Festival which is a sick block party of 300,000 people in the streets of Denmark.

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