Moses Sumney Announces Hiatus From Music

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Moses Sumney is taking “a break from making albums and touring music to focus on other disciplines,” he said, according to Consequence. Before he goes, however, he’s leaving us with a brilliant gift: a live concert film entitled A Performance in V Acts. It will arrive on YouTube on August 31 via TUNTUM.

The talented singer has spent the last two years performing his 2020 album, græ—a project that we considered one of the year’s best albums. While his touring will see its conclusion, for now, we have no doubts that Sumney will eventually return. It’s completely understandable for an artist to want to take some time off from their craft, especially those with extensive touring schedules.

The new concert film, A Performance in V Acts, will feature songs from græ and more. Sumney released an extended preview of the film, featuring a cover of Björk’s “Come To Me” and his own song, “Doomed,” released in 2017. You can check out the preview below. Enjoy!