PREMIERE | Rising Artist Mouth Breather Drops Dreamy Psych-Rock Single “What A Time To Be Alive”

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Today we’re stoked to introduce you to a new artist that we were very happy to discover recently. He goes by Mouth Breather, and he’s serving up incredibly good vibes. Those vibes come in the form of upbeat psych-rock, and we’re proud to show them off via our premiere of his latest tune, “What A Time To Be Alive.” Everything about this tune radiates warm, positive energy.

When diving into the lyrics, the listener will come to realize that the song is actually about being apathetically content:

“‘What A Time Be Alive’ is an ode to the current matrix we live in.  Life is a mesh of silicon and protein shakes and nobody has to be sad because we have drugs for that.”

If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, we insist that you check out Mouth Breather. 

Stream his brand new single below and enjoy!

Mouth Breather – What A Time To Be Alive