Mr. Carmack Unleashes 2 Must Hear New Bangers via Audius

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Mr. Carmack is on a roll. Last month he delivered a massive trap remix for Smoko Ono on the emerging, blockchain-utilizing music platform Audius. Yesterday he returned to the platform to share two more tracks, “Dox,” featuring Drew Banga and Julia Lewis, and “film noir.”

This first one, “Dox,” is as heavy as Carmack gets, with brutal mechanized synth lines, ridiculous sound design, and wall-shaking bass. The low end on in this one will slap you straight in the face. “film noir,” on the other hand, shows the other side of Mr. Carmack’s range, which illustrates a dreamy atmosphere with some jazzy hip-hop vibes. This one also comes equipped with some nice, fat bass.

It’s amazing how Mr. Carmack has been able to consistently maintain his title as one of the top producers in the music scene after reigning for an entire decade. These newest tracks make it clear he has no signs of slowing down.

You can check out the new tracks below. Enjoy!