Exit Reality With Mr. Carmack & Promnite’s Brain Rattling New ‘Paradis 2’ EP

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Mr. Carmack & Promnite have returned, and they want to hurt you… Not literally (duh) but after after a two+ year wait, the two have once again teamed as Project Paradis and followed up their joint 2017 release today with a chest-kick of a new EP, Paradis 2.

This latest offering from the powerful producer pairing packs a serious punch. Filled with everything from groovy dancefloor cuts to deep, obscure experimental bass – listeners will find no shortage of left turns and forward-thinking sound design on this fantastical monstrosity.

There must be something seriously wrong (or right) with Carmack & Promnite for them to be able to churn out something this wild. Stream Paradis 2 below and enjoy!

Project Paradis – Paradis 2 | Stream