MSG Sphere Lights Up $2 Billion LED Dome for First Time

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It’s no secret that Las Vegas was soon to be home to the MSG Sphere, a massive dome-shaped venue, covered in LEDS. For the 4th of July, the Sphere began testing out its LED dome to the surprise of thousands of Vegas patrons.

The 17,600-seat venue features a whopping 16K LED screen and a ridiculous 164,000-speaker audio system. MSG’s James Dolan and David Dibble explained to Rolling Stone that “the aim is to effectively create a VR experience without the ‘damn goggles.”

MSG Sphere’s first shows are scheduled for this fall with U2 returning to the stage for a special one-of-a-kind performance. But we can only begin to wonder what type of other music and electronic acts will begin to make their way into the Sphere. Check out the footage below for yourself!

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