Madison Square Garden Gets Green Light for Massive Globe Music Venue in London


London is one step closer to building their own Madison Square Garden—in sphere-form. It was reported today that a new project called the MSG Sphere was approved by London planning chiefs after a 5-hour meeting that went past midnight.

The MSG Sphere would be the UK’s largest indoor concert venue with a capacity of 21,500 (slightly bigger than the O2 Arena). It’s being designed by the same team behind Wembley Stadium. Not only will it be a huge venue, but the outside paneling will be made up of LED screens, allowing for the projection of images.

The MSG Sphere has been met with much local resistance since its inception, with many citing that advertisements displayed will be a major eye-sore. West Ham MP Lyn Brown has claimed it would bottleneck the local transportation systems, which also account for the nearby mall and West Ham United’s 60,000 seat stadium. It’s also been opposed by AEG, who own O2 Arena, but that is a bit expected.

In addition to the main room at the MSG Sphere, there will also be a smaller 1,500-capacity theater to showcase emerging talent, along with a restaurant, nightclub, retail spaces, and cafés. Proponents of the project argue that it will create jobs, both in construction and hospitality.

While there are both pros and cons to going forward with the venue, we can’t help but marvel at the futuristic design. The images we’ve seen so far like like they’re out of a sci-fi film. You can check them out below.

The MSG Sphere in Stratford — a huge globe concert hall with a video screen covering — after a 5-hour meeting this evening, planning has been GRANTED by the London Legacy Development Corporation

However, approval for the external advertising will be reviewed after 5 years.

— ianVisits (@ianvisits) March 22, 2022