MSG Sphere Unveils “Beam-Forming” Sound Feature, Revolutionizing Live Events

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The MSG Sphere has been one of the most talked about new venues in the world and rightfully so. The gigantic dome-shaped sphere first began lighting up for the world to see over the 4th of July weekend and has been continually unveiling new, state-of-the-art features.

Their newest hi-tech feature comes by way of their patented “beam-forming” immersive sound experience. According to Sphere, they’ve figured out how to create custom content that can be directed at specific sections within the venue. This unique feature would allow people inside to hear completely different music, sound effects, and even different languages depending on where they were situated within the venue.

This “beam-forming” capability will be revolutionary for live events, creating endless possibilities for production teams. The MSG Sphere continues to set a new standard for immersive venues and hasn’t even opened to the public yet. Check out the footage for yourself below!

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