Multi-Instrumentalist MAX RAD Shines on ‘Point Me In The Right Direction’ EP


British multi-instrumentalist MAX RAD has been putting out tunes for a few years now, but his musical vision and sound feel fully realized on his latest EP. On Point Me In The Right Direction, he shows off his impressive voice and instrumental talent.

Despite each of the four tracks of the EP varying sonically, MAX RAD’s sound emerges clearly over the course of EP, characterized by pulses of synth that form winding melodies. Some of the tracks feature laidback guitar strumming, and others are faster-paced dance songs, but all of them show off his rich, soulful voice.

“Moonshine” and “Point Me In The Right Direction” are the two standout tracks. The first is an emotionally charged song where a halo of voices, hand claps, and drops of synth build to a crescendo. We see MAX RAD have the most fun on the title track, which serves as the EP’s finale. He pours a warm, syrupy melody over a choppy house beat. The lyrics at the heart of the chorus: “Point me in the right direction, and I’ll go as I am,” are a positive affirmation, reminding us to trust our intuition.

We’d put money on MAX RAD taking off soon. If you want to jump on the MAX RAD hype train early, make sure to check out his EP, using the link below. Enjoy!

MAX RAD – Point Me In The Right Direction EP