Mura Masa Drops Captivating New Single “Second 2 None” Feat. Christine And The Queens

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Mura Masa is certainly keeping the anticipation for his debut, self-titled album high. The young artist has gifted us with various singles and remixes throughout the entire month of June, most recently teaming up with Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn to drop “Blu.” Not even 24 hours later and Mura Masa has blessed us once again, this time with an infectiously smooth new single “Second 2 None” feat. Christine and the Queens.

Mura Masa takes a less is more approach with “Second 2 None,” a much-appreciated move that makes for a clean production and allows the elements he utilizes to shine. A tropical steel drum melody stands out throughout the entire track, dominating the lead-in and appearing at various other parts of the song at the perfect time. A distorted vocal lead, minimalistic bass and those steel drums comprise the relaxed drop, with Letissier’s captivating voice shining throughout. 

Mura Masa’s debut album is set to drop July 14, and “Second 2 None” is yet another reason to look forward to it. Stream the single below and enjoy!

Mura Masa – Second 2 None (Ft. Christine and the Queens)