Mura Masa Returns With Extra Chill Playful New Song “U Never Call Me” Ft. Jadu Heart

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Mura Masa is on an absolute hot streak this year. He fully showcased his unique talents on his self-titled debut album and hasn’t stopped since. Now he’s back with another new single “U Never Call Me” alongside vocalist Badu Heart to display his versatility once again.

Since the album was released, he’s shared an “Untitled” track, remixed his collaborator Bonzai and joined the Rhythm Roulette series to create a new song sampling records he grabbed while blindfolded. Now he’s switched things up for a more funky, sensual song that’s a bit of a change of pace from his more danceable tracks. The extra groovy new track brings layers of smooth, funky instrumentation laying the foundation for Jadu Heart’s whisky R&B vocals. This one will surely be on repeat for us as a playful, yet relaxing listen. Enjoy!

Mura Masa & Jadu Heart – U Never Call Me