Must Hear Indie/Rap Song: Brenton Duvall – That’s All (Ft. Gucci Mane)


So, when I say remix you guys probably think electro BANGER, or maybe something dubstep, but today I've got a more mellow remix. Not sure if mellow is the best word, because it still makes you want to dance alot. It's the latest from my homie and neighbor Brenton Duvall. He's got a real unique indie mashup style that is one you won't forget. Some of you may remember his epic Lil Wayne / Passion Pit remix 'Ambien (Sleepyhead Remix)' which was the #1 download on the site for quite some time. Well this song is seriously just too sick, it makes Gucci Mane actually someone I can really appreciate. The vocals with the indie filled dance beat work perfectly and make you put the track on repeat. Give this song a good listen and enjoy!

That's All (Ft. Gucci Mane) – Brenton Duvall | Download