Must Hear Sick Chill Free 6 Song Album: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – V.S. + Unreleased Song


Got some great feedback on the Ryan Lewis & Symmetry LP posted last week, so I knew it was time to throw up one of my favorite EPs. This EP is from Ryan Lewis and this time with Macklemore who I throw an awesome remix of his song "This Town" up awhile back. The E.P. is entitled The V.S. EP and features 7 amazing songs. It's pretty hard to believe that these artists are freely distrubuting this EP. Macklemore is  I've divided up the tracks but had a hard time picking a favorite because honestly this is one of the best free EPs out to date, so downloading the entire thing is encouraged, especially for this one. Enjoy!

Download The Entire V.S. EP In A Single .zip File Here

★ Crew Cuts – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download

02 Crew Cuts

One of the first tracks I heard by the duo, mildly depressing and pretty serious but very sick. Give it a full listen

★ Otherside – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download

04 Otherside

★ Vipassana – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download

01 Vipassana

★ Irish Celebration – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download

06 Irish Celebration

★ Life Is Cinema – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download

03 Life Is Cinema

★ Kings – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download

05 Kings

★ The End – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download


This next track is an unreleased track off of the V.S. EP, it's a little ridiculous at parts, but nonetheless a good track as a whole. And I actually found myself coming back listening to it a couple times.

BONUS UNRELEASED: Stay At Home Dead – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis | Download


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