[MUST WATCH] James Franco & Seth Rogen Hilariously Recreate Kanye West’s New Music Video ‘Bound 2’ Shot for Shot


Kanye West recently released one of the most entertaining pieces of video to be created with the official music video to 'Bound 2'. The video featured Kanye and wife / mother of his child Kim Kardashian as the main star for a surprising cuddly, mildly awkward experience. Well James Franco and Seth Rogen have paid tribute to the video by recreating the music video shot for shot for what they call 'Bound 3'. They really highlight how ridiculous the original was, while adding their own spin on it. Watch Seth & Franco's version and the original below. UPDATE: Side by Side version added below. SECOND UPDATE: Kim and Kanye approve the video, look below at Kim and Seth Rogen tweeting back and forth.

James Franco & Seth Rogen recreate Kanye West – Bound 2 as 'Bound 3' (Music Video)

UPDATE: Both original Kanye West Music Video and James Franco & Seth Rogen's version side by side =

SECOND UPDATE: Kim and Seth Rogen talking via Twitter about how Kim and Kanye approve the video.

Kim: Seth Approval Tweets