THEY. Flip Chromeo & DRAM’s “Must’ve Been” Into Extra Chill R&B Track

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THEY. may have pulled off the incredibly rare feat: creating a remix that sounds entirely different from the original. Back in April, Chromeo released a viciously catchy tune featuring DRAM titled "Must've Been," which was the third single to their recently dropped album, Head Over Heels"Must've Been" was doing particularly well, collecting millions of streams, and even received remixes from artists CID, Mercer, and Yolanda Be Cool.

Those remixes however, were no match for the makeover that THEY. were able to give the tune. The steadily rising R&B duo took "Must've Been" and made it their own by entirely switching the vibe on the infectious, upbeat, track. The first things you'll notice are the retro synths and punching kick drums, paired with some deep 808s, done by Dante Jones. Drew Love then comes in with his own verse, and the deed is done. 

The remix certainly retains the perfect danceability that Chromeo set the stage with, but THEY. just took it to the next level. This tune is now perfectly club ready. 

Listen to the new track below and enjoy!

Chromeo – Must've Been (feat. DRAM) [Chromeo & THEY. Version]