Mysterious Indie Artist Kowloon Weaves a Hazy Daydream with “Today”


While we may not know much about the elusive indie artist that is Kowloon, what his social media presence lacks in detail, his music makes up for. His latest release “Today” is yet another hazy daydream of a song, leaving us with a craving for more.

Sunny acoustic guitar strumming forms the main musical motif of “Today,” with an electric guitar taking over on the vintage 70’s style solo on the outro. While the percussion is muted for most of the song, Kowloon dials it up during this solo. He also creates a lush chorus of his own voices, his whisper-soft falsetto taking center stage over his deeper tenor in the background. The overall effect of the track lulls listeners into a sleepy, pleasant trance. It’s a perfect addition to any acoustic, chill, or morning playlist.

You can check out “Today” using the link below. Enjoy!

Kowloon – Today