Mysterious UK Artist Don’t Connect Drops Chill Rock Song “Burning Rubber in the Sun”


We don’t know much about the mysterious artist behind Don’t Connect, but we do know a few things. His name is Charlie, he’s based in London, and his new song “Burning Rubber in the Sun” is fire.

Preferring to let his music speak for itself, “Burning Rubber in the Sun” is a laid back but intriguing song. Acoustic guitar makes up most of the sonic backbone, but bass guitar makes an appearance later in the track, as well as some soft drums. There’s a fun tape recorder sample thrown in that helps the track transition from acoustic to a true rock song in the second half.

Despite giving few details about the man behind the project, Don’t Connect did give us the story of the song:

Burning Rubber in the Sun is a song written to capture the feeling of summer, escapism and the ability to forget about everything going on in your life and just have a good time.

With only a few other singles out, Don’t Connect is definitely going to be one to watch when he releases his debut album Running this summer. You can check out “Burning Rubber in the Sun” using the link below. Enjoy!

Don’t Connect – Burning Rubber in the Sun