N2N Gives a Scorching House Remix To Z!G & Rodney Hazard’s R&B Jam “Enemy”


We love to hear dance remixes of R&B tracks. Something about the way the emotion of the original track is preserved while the tempo gets revved up makes for an irresistible flip. Enter today’s tune: N2N‘s new remix of “Enemy” by Z!G and Rodney Hazard.

The original “Enemy” is a slow-burning R&B jam featuring sultry vocals from Z!G. The remix from N2N turns up the heat in a major way, swapping the hazy 808 snare drums for a heavy house beat. Z!G’s pitched-up vocals now form the main melody of the track, laid down over a bumpin’ bassline. Subtle synth effects sprinkled in add the perfect accent notes.

Here’s what they had to say about the remix:

We decided that we should rework our popular single “Enemy”. The new version of Enemy seamlessly blends modern R&B with progressive house elements that result in a beautiful collaboration that spans across multiple genres. We’re excited to introduce you to our new version of “Enemy”, a perfect candidate for your Night Rider playlist.

If you’re liking what you’re hearing, make sure to stay tuned – Z!G & Rodney Hazard will be putting out their Hypernova EP later this week. Until then, check out the N2N remix of “Enemy” below. Enjoy!

Z!G & Rodney Hazard – Enemy (N2N Remix)