Na Palm – Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats Mixtape: TOO SICK 23 SONGS


Up and coming Na Palm who's starting to blow up out of Chicago has finally dropped his debut mixtape Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats, and this mixtape is toooo siiiiick! It should hardly be called a mixtape, more like a free 23 song album. It really does have 23 songs, and although I'm not going to say I fell in love with every single song,it was pretty damn close. You guys already loved 'What's Yo Name' and 'Ready Set Aim'. This was a mixtape where it was really hard for me to pick what songs to sample, so I end up posting like 10 haha, sooo I really encourage downloading the whole mixtape, as it is siiiick. Na Palm captures the upbeat party fun style of rap with a little bit of pop influence lots of people are falling in love with lately. This mixtape is what's going to set Nay from just some online rapper to the next big thing. Some songs I weren't sure about for the first minute, then by the end fell in love with. Do yourself a favor and download the whole thing, give it a good listen and enjoy your new favorite cd!

Download The Entire Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats Mixtape Here

POPPY BANGER R&B Go Go Girl – Na Palm ft. Ben One | Download


PARTY BANGER Shit-Faced'ed – Na Palm ft. C-Major | Download

05 – Shit-Faceded ft C-Major

PARTY BANGER Two Days Straight – Na Palm | Download

06 – Two Days Straight

CHILL Time To Rise – Na Palm | Download


CHILL ELECTRONIC Ups and Downs – Na Palm ft. Reap | Download

12 – Ups and Downs ft Reap

CHILL The Coolest – Na Palm | Download


CHILL I'll Take Everything – Na Palm | Download

21 – Ill Take Everything

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