Emerging Korean Artist Naivesign Shares New EP, ‘You will never know till it happens to you”


One thing that we will always love about music is that it comes from every corner of the wide world. We were recently exposed to an emerging talent in the far east, a South Korean artist by the name of Naivesign. He recently released his new EP You will never know till it happens to you, an irresistible 6-track project that shows his immense promise.

Naivesign mentions that he first began his music career in a rock band, but now he writes, composes, arranges, and records all of the music on his own. When it comes to the recording aspect, he prefers to exclusively use analog equipment.

The sounds, melodies, and lyrics of this EP are all part of Naivesign’s well-rounded, charming sound.

You can listen to the groovy new EP frmo Naivesign below. Enjoy!

Naiviesign – You will never know till it happens to you