Who Is NAO? A Catch Up Guide To The Genre-Blending UK Vocalist


Every once in a while, we hear a voice that’s so uniquely rich, it moves us. UK songstress NAO possesses this very quality. The captivating singer has lent her talents to various electronic producers and is now ready to put her work on full-display with her debut LP, For All We Know. 

Over time, music evolves. Traditional soul naturally drew more contemporary and urban influences, giving birth to the neo-soul sound that emerged years ago. One of NAO’s compelling traits is her promising ability to take soul in another new direction. Her infusion of passionate vocals with funk-driven, electronic production is putting a modern twist on soul music. 

Let's go back in time time and take a look at her musical past from her very first appearance.

Her musical introduction to the world on the single "So Good" off her five-track So Good EP is an exquisite collaboration with A.K Paul (Jai Paul's brother).

June 2014: NAO – So Good EP

NAO’s velvety voice carries a soulful aura complete with impassioned songwriting hovering atop an electro-funk foundation. She’s previously shared her uncanny ability to shine on dance-driven tracks with Mura Masa's "Firefly" and Disclosure’s "Superego". 

April 2015: Mura Masa – Firefly (Ft. NAO)

July 2015: Disclosure – Superego (Ft. NAO)

The artist's February 15 EP, released in 2015, beautifully showcased her vibrant voice and earned her high praise. Several tracks off the project amassed millions of streams, including a couple of our favorites — "Zillionaire" and "Apple Cherry". 

May 2015: NAO – February 15 EP 

Now, the 28-year-old is ready to unveil her debut LP, For All We Know, on July 29 via Little Tokyo Recordings. Features off the 17-track album include A.K. Paul, Abhi Dijon and production by Jungle. If the body of work is anything like her previously released singles, "Bad Blood", "Fool To Love" and "Girlfriend," we’re in for a treat. Get yourself familiar with this exceptionally talented act and stay tuned for her album. 

Update: For All We Know has since been released. Listen below and read our review here

NAO – For All We Know